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Chocolate-covered strawberries are only available for pickup in Kalona, Iowa.

This product is a Valentine Special. We will start making it again next year in February.

At this time, we cannot ship strawberries. If you're able to visit our store in Kalona, pre-order your strawberries here! We offer curbside pickup or you're welcome to come inside to pickup your order.

We cover the strawberries in milk chocolate and drizzle them with white chocolate.

HALF POUND BOX   $15.00:
Small Berries = 8 to 10 berries
Large Berries = 5 to 8 berries

1 POUND BOX   $28.00:
Small Berries = 16 to 20 berries
Large Berries = 10 to 16 berries

To place an order for local pickup:
Step 1: At checkout, enter your email address or phone number, depending on where you'd like to receive order updates.

Step 2: Click "Pick Up in Store"

Step 3: Click "Continue to payment" and complete the checkout process.

For more detailed instructions, click here.


Individual strawberries will be available for purchase on Friday, 2/12 and Saturday, 2/13. They're sold by weight at $30 per pound. They sell out fast! It's always best to pre-order.  :)

211 5th Street  Kalona, Iowa
Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm.

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