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   In the early days of home-schooling her children, Mattie Hershberger began to dream about a home based business in which each family member could contribute their unique skills and talents to the success of the business.  This dream became reality in 2009 when she started creating hand-made chocolates in a certified kitchen in the basement of her parents' home.  The business has moved to its new location inside 5th Street Mini Mall (211 5th St.) in downtown Kalona, Iowa. Now the family produces a variety of chocolate confections and desserts through their business, Kalona Chocolates.

    Originally, Mattie worked in the kitchen, making each batch of chocolates and formulating recipes. Now, she and her husband, Lyndon, work together to manage and direct their small business. The Hershbergers have four daughters. Two are actively involved in Kalona Chocolates. Krista is the designer. Examples of her work include all of the company's labels and advertising materials. Kaylee works in the store and packages the chocolates when she's not busy at school. The chocolate operation has grown to include 5 other team members. Victoria is now the kitchen manager. She makes all of the delicious chocolate confections and keeps the kitchen running smoothly. Laura is excellent with customers. She keeps the store front going and manages chocolate packaging. Michelle and Dina help both Laura and Victoria with packaging and cooking. Lori is the newest team member. She manages the Chocolate Catering Services and specializes in events and running the chocolate fountains.